About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Ilene. I’ve been plant-based since 2011 and allergic to lots of foods my entire life. Having food allergies means I’ve learned how to eat in all kinds of places and circumstances. I noticed a lot of posts on Facebook from people new to eating plant-based who also have food allergies or sensitivities. They wondered how they could do it considering their food limitations. So I started this blog and my Facebook page to answer that question. Since I started eating this way I’ve actually found more things to eat and have had very little trouble with my food allergies.

I also have a travel agency. I’ve been on over 50 cruises and traveled to more than 40 countries. In all that time I’ve only used my EpiPen once. I was in Denmark and didn’t realize the breakfast roll which looked exactly like the dinner roll had walnuts! That was the last time I didn’t have my EpiPen next to me when I’m eating.

In case you’re wondering here’s my list of food allergies.

Tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), bananas, lychee, sesame, dairy, eggs, shellfish, cantaloupe, saffron, kiwi, avocado and water chestnut. I’m also sensitive to strawberries and oranges so can only eat them occasionally.

It’s a short list compared to when I was 10. It was easier then to say what I could eat than what I couldn’t.

Let me know what I can do to help. I’m always trying new recipes and reading about allergies. Maybe there will be some magic that allows me to eat hummus one day. You never know!

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  • My grandson has been vegan for all of his 6 years. He is allergic to so many things: anything related to corn (corn, corn syrup, corn sweeteners, etc), mushrooms too, and showing sensitivities note to the cultures in mine made vegan yogurt. He has just started having major mood swings too, and we worry about that with him. Any clue how to help hun. Can’t just take him to a medical doctor as they will be against his diet here and be angry at his parents who just want the best for him. Any suggestions that might help him? I sincerely appreciate it!