Carnival Liberty

Heading home from a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean on the Carnival Liberty and thought I would share my travel adventures with you. We boarded the ship at Port Canaveral which is about an hour drive from the Orlando Airport. Breakfast was a cup of noodle soup I brought with me from home. I was definitely looking forward to the lunch buffet.

We went up to the Lido to check out the buffet. There were some plain vegetables on the salad bar along with a variety of cold salads with meat and dairy and a variety of hot dishes. I noticed that many of the dishes were marked as vegetarian which was something I hadn’t seen before. Most of them clearly had dairy so definitely not for me. I took some of the salad and plain veggies before moving on.

Besides the main buffet there was a Mongolian grill. Lots of great veggies to add to my salad. I didn’t try the grill as they reused the pans which included a peanut sauce as one of the options. It would have been nice if there had been a tofu option along with the meat and seafood. They had lots of steamed broccoli and green beans which I enjoyed all week.

Outside by the pool was the Blue Iguana Cantina which quickly became my favorite. All the beans and tortillas were vegan, but the rice had butter. I had a burrito with beans and veggies adding lots of goodies from the nearby salsa bar. There was fresh pico, cilantro, watermelon and various levels of spicy salsa that went well with the burrito and made an excellent salad dressing.

If you made it to the other end of the buffet and went outside there was a pizza place open 24 hours. One afternoon I went there and asked for a no cheese pizza with mushrooms. Usually they gave out slices, 4 slices in a pizza. Since no one else wanted mine I had the whole pizza. It was a thin crust with tomato sauce and lots of mushrooms. It was delicious and I finished about half of it.

I’ve got lots more to share about the dining room and special restaurant in my next post.