Some of my favorite allergy free foods

I try to cook most of my food from scratch to eat healthier and avoid allergy issues. But there are some foods that are a liitle more difficult to make yourself, plus on a busy work day sometimes I need something in case I miss lunch. I’ve found a few good items that work well when we travel. You never know if you’ll find something when stuck in an airport for hours.

One of the most difficult items to find is bread. I have a breadmaker… somewhere. It would be great if I was inspired enough to use it. Instead it’s a search for the impossible. Bread that has no dairy, egg, sesame or nuts and isn’t made on a line with tree nuts. Oh and it would be nice if it tasted good too. I’m searching for a good rye bread that meets that criteria. Haven’t found it yet. However I did find an Ezekial type bread (these have multiple grains and are usually sprouted) that fits the bill. Alvarado bakery makes a nice loaf of bread that is now at my local Safeway. Don’t ask me the price. I just close my eyes and buy it anyway.

A few years ago on our way to a cruise in Florida (yes, that happens often) we stopped at Epcot for a day. The Land pavilion is a very large dining room with lots of food stations. There’s an area with all kinds of allergy free/special diet foods. This is where I learned about a company called Enjoy Life. They make all kinds of fun foods like chocolate bars, chocolate chips, and cookies. I’m definitely a fan. Mostly I buy the chocolate chips to make pudding or cookies. I promise those recipes are coming soon.

When we travel I always take food with me. This usually means my bag is lighter when I arrive than when I leave. Enjoy Life items like the seeds & fruit bag or candy bars are a few favorites. There is a kosher cup of soup that is “chicken flavored” that seems to not have any real allergens or much flavor. But it’s filling and not terrible. For some reason I can’t find any oatmeal cups not made on a line with nuts anymore. That used to be my favorite snack. Occasionally I’ve made some oatmeal bars to take along, This really helps when on business travel so I have a snack at the office.

A local company makes a fruit bar called “Just Fruit” with apple or pear as the base and other fruits as the second flavor. There is almost always one of these in my purse unless I just finished eating it. In case you live in the NorthWest, check New Seasons for it.

When you have a lot of food allergies it’s nice to find a few items that are easy. Luckily I like to cook but sometimes you need a little snack or a treat. It’s nice to know there are a few safe treats tucked away in my bag wherever I go.

What are your favorite allergy free foods? What do you take with you when you travel? If you could have any food made allergy free, what would it be? Add a note in the comments or visit me on Facebook.